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Journal of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
: scientific journal.- Ivano-Frankivsk
Зміст:  |  Бібліографія (ДСТУ)  |  Бібліографія (MLA)

  1. Титул.
  2. Зміст.
  3. Section A: the appalachians and carpathians. Education: merging borders

  4. Bilavych H. System of Continuous Agricultural Education in Precarpathia (Late XIX - early XX centuries). - C. 13-17.
  5. Blyznyuk T. Readiness of Senior Students from the Carpathian Terrain to Choose Teaching Profession: Pedagogical and Psychological Aspects. - C. 18-21.
  6. Budnyk O. Teachers’ Training for Social and Educational Activity in Conditions of Mountain Area Primary School. - C. 22-27.
  7. Chervinska I. Mountain School of the Ukrainian Carpathians: Problems and Prospects of Development. - C. 28-32.
  8. Chervinskyi A. Types of Open-Air Museum (Skansen) in Ukrainian Carpathians. - C. 33-37.
  9. Chorna Marianna Cultorological Approach to Training of the Future Managers of Tourism in Precarpathia. - C. 38-44.
  10. Derkachova O., Ushnevych S. The Trickster in Appalachian and Hutsulian Tales. - C. 45-49.
  11. Didukh I. Michael Gorbovy as an Organizer of the Scouting Movement in Gutsulschina (the Beginning of the XX Century). - C. 50-52.
  12. Dovbenko S. Mountains Unite. - C. 53-55.
  13. Drachuk M. Interaction between the Traditional and Innovative Approaches in Training Pharmacists for their Professional Work in the Carpathian Region. - C. 56-59.
  14. Fedyk O. Modern Teenager (Highlander) and Sex. - C. 60-63.
  15. Galushchak I. The Completion to the Profession Active is Modeled of Future Economists in the Mountain Conditions of Environment. - C. 64-68.
  16. Horetska O. Problems of Education of Mountain Children in Olena Tsehelska’s Literary Works. - C. 69-74.
  17. Ivasyshyn I. The Organizational Peculiarities of Musical Performance of Primary School Pupils in the Carpathian Region. - C. 75-78.
  18. Karbashevska O. English Folk Ballads Collected By Cecil James Sharp in The Southern Appalachians: Genesis, Transformation and Ukrainian Parallels. - C. 79-85.
  19. Khallo O. Retaining Health Activities Elementary School Teacher in Working Conditions in the Mountainous Region. - C. 86-90.
  20. Khymynets V. The Formation of Ecological and Economic Competences in the Context of the Stable Development of the Carpathian Region. - C. 91-95.
  21. Khrushch O. The Psychology of Mountain People as a Subject of Special Research. - C. 96-98.
  22. Kiryk M. Peculiarities of Grammar Study of Mountain First-Form Pupils. - C. 99-104.
  23. Klepar M., Chervinska I. Some Aspects of the Students’ Musical Leisure as the Way of Outlook Position Forming in the Conditions of the Eastern Carpathians. - C. 105-108.
  24. Kobal V., Kobal M. Raising the Achievements of Schoolchildren in Mountain Regions by Means of Using Local History/Lore Materials. - C. 109-114.
  25. Komar O. Students’ Creative Work with Titles of Texts as the Component of Training for their Professional Activity Under Conditions of Mountain Environment. - C. 115-118.
  26. Kondur O., Kopchak Y., Kopchak L. Role of the Tourism Sector in Sustainable Development of the Carpathian Region: Social, Educational and Economic Aspects. - C. 119-122.
  27. Kotyk T. Goal as a Form of Representing the Conceptual Approaches to the Process of Teaching Native Language to Primary School Pupils in the Mountain Areas. - C. 123-217.
  28. Lypa I. Extracurricular Musical Creative Activity of Primary School Pupils Attending Mountain Schools in the Carpathian Region. - C. 128-131.
  29. Kozlovska I., Bilyk O., Kozlovsky Y. Pedagogical Support of Gifted Students from Carpathian Mountain Areas by Means of Folk Art Crafts. - C. 132-135.
  30. Lappo V. Prerequisites for Calendar Ritualism Integration to the Process of Spiritual Development of Students of Modern School of Mountain Regions. - C. 136-138.
  31. Lebedieva A. Media Environment as Factor of Realization of Creative Potential of Future Teachers` in the Mountain Schools of the Ukrainian Carpathians. - C. 139-143.
  32. Lemko G. Value Orientation as Structural Component of Personality in Mountain Regions. - C. 144-147.
  33. Lutsan N. Training of Primary School Teachers to Professional Mobility in Mountainous Region Conditions. - C. 148-152.
  34. Lysenko N. Educational Ideal of Ukrainian Ethnopedagogies: Carpathian Vector. - C. 153- 159.
  35. Lytvyn-Kindratiuk S. Transformation of Structure of Mythological Representations of Mountaineers during a Modernist Style Era. - C. 160-165.
  36. Mokanyuk Y. Socialization of a Personality in Rural and Mountainous Conditions in the Context of Professional Education. - C. 166-170.
  37. Moskalets V. Economic-Utilitarian and Spiritual-Existential Bases of Fostering Environmental Awareness in Mountain Dwellers. - C. 171-175.
  38. Oliyar M. Training of Future Elementary School Teachers to Usage of the Communicative Strategies in Multi Ethnic Environment in Mountain Region Schools. - C. 176-180.
  39. Paliy A. Cognitive-Style Approach to Psychological Support of the Gifted Pupils Mountain Schools of the Ukrainian Carpathians. - C. 181-187.
  40. Pavliuk A. The Influence of Landscape and Climatic Conditions in the Carpathians on the Formation of Linguistic Personality. - C. 188-192.
  41. Pesotskaya L. Teachers’ Training for Social and Educational Activity in Conditions of Mountain Area Primary School. - C. 193-196.
  42. Poyasyk O. Preserving the Traditions of Easter Eggs in the Education of Children of the Highlands. - C. 197-203.
  43. Prokopiv L. Modernization of the Rural School: Problems and Perspectives of Carpathian Region. - C. 204-207.
  44. Reho A. Provision of Socialization of the Personality in the Preschool Childhood in the Multicultural Educational Environment of Transcarpathia. - C. 208-214.
  45. Romanyshyn R. Elementary Mathematics Education of Preschool Children in the Ukrainian Highlands. - C. 215-218.
  46. Safyanyuk Z. Peculiarities of Real Educational Institutions Functioning in the Subcarpathian Rus (Pidkarpatska Rus). - C. 219-223.
  47. Sas N. Comprehension as a Component of the Future Leader’s Professional Competence in the Field of Innovative Management of Educational Institution (as Far as the Leaders` Activity at Educational Institutions of the Carpathians). - C. 224-228.
  48. Semenova N., Semenov O. Formation of Responsible Attitude to Health of Pre-School Children in Mountainous Terrain. - C. 229-239.
  49. Shykerynets V., Gumenyuk A. The Development of Ethnotourism in the Carpathian Region. - C. 235-239.
  50. Stakhiv M. Developing Communicative Competence of Future Teachers on the Basis of Ethnic and Cultural Values Intrinsic to Highlanders of the Ukrainian Carpathians. - C. 240-244.
  51. Sydoriv S. Educational Authentic Video Resources as an Essential Method of Studying English Pronunciation and Intonation in the Conditions of the Ukrainian Carpathians. - C. 245-248.
  52. Varetska O. The Development of Teacher’s Social Competence in Rural Mountain Elementary School. - C. 249-254.
  53. Voroshchuk O., Ketsyk U. Teachers’ Training for Social and Educational Activity in Conditions of Mountain Area Primary School. - C. 255-257.
  54. Zavgorodnia T. Training Teachers for the Organization of the Educational Work in the Mountainous Environment. - C. 258-262.
  55. Section B: america-europe. Aspects of educational, social, cultural and spiritual spheres of societies: sharing experiences

  56. Bida O., Prokopenko L. Korczak Janusz, Makarenko Anton, Zaharenko Olexandr – Knights of Humane Pedagogy. - C. 263-266.
  57. Koropetska O. The Social Exclusion as a Problem of Self-Realization of the Elderly. - C. 267-275.
  58. Kuchai O. Theoretical Training of Modern School Teacher in Poland and Ukraine. - C. 276-282.
  59. Kuchai T. Comparative Characteristics of Teaching Children and Youth in Ukraine and Japan. - C. 283-289.
  60. Lyurina T. Optimization Diadical Relations and Interactions in the System "Teacher-Student”. - C. 290-295.
  61. Nych O. The Main Conditions of Forming Ukrainian Diaspora in the USA. - C. 296-300.
  62. Romaniuk K. The Pedagogical Potential of Cultural-Educational Preschool Environment in the Inter-Ethnic Tolerance Upbringing Process. - C. 301-304.
  63. Romaniuk S. Native Language Education in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Diaspora: Comparative Analysis at the Turn of the Century. - C. 305-310.
  64. Zdanevych L. Analysis of the Forms of Work as for Overcoming Deadaptation Manifestations of the Future Educators in Higher Educational Establishment. - C. 311-314.
  65. Zhurba K. Conceptual Approaches to the Education of Life-Meaningful Values of Teenagers and Early Adolescence in Ukraine. - C. 315-319.
  66. Zozulyak-Sluchyk R., Ketsyk U. Peculiarities of Unsocial Behavior of Young People of Ukraine in the XXth Century: Historical Aspect. - C. 320-323.
  67. Hurman T. The Development and Formation of the Institution of a School Counselor in American High Schools in the Process of Career Development of Students. - C. 324-329.
Vol. 1
no. 2-3
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