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  1. Титул.
  2. Зміст.
  3. Andreichenko S. S. International responsibility of states for the conduct of private actors. - C. 7-10.
  4. Anischuk N. V., Ugnenko T. V. The formation and development of the national assessors in Soviet Ukraine: historical and legal analysis. - C. 11-13.
  5. Anischuk N. V., Katsyn M. Y. Historical-legal characteristics of the evolution of the legislative function of the European Parliament. - C. 14-17.
  6. Afanasyeva M. V. Electoral engineering: essence and technology. - C. 18-21.
  7. Bakayanova N. M. L’avenir du barreau Ukrainien: problemes et perspectives. - C. 21-24.
  8. Vladyshevska V. V. Personal and moral-ethical qualities as one of the main requirements for the candidate advocates. - C. 24-27.
  9. Voitovych P. P. Foreign policy as a state’s choice and modern international law. - C. 27-32.
  10. Voloshyna V. K. Definition of respect for human dignity as a principle of criminal proceedings. - C. 32-35.
  11. Gloviuk I. V. Le principe de la separation des fonctions de la justice penale Francaise et Ukrainienne. - C. 35-38.
  12. Horbova H. O. Concerning the improvement of the system of administrative penalties for the commission of the offence provided by article 173-2 CUoAO. - C. 39-43.
  13. Demenchuk M. O. Recommendations of the European commission for democracy through law on the status of the Supreme Court of Ukraine. - C. 44-48.
  14. Dzevelyuk M. V. The information function of the modern state. - C. 48-52.
  15. Dodina Ie. Ie. Travel of religious organizations members outside Ukraine: problems and prospects of introducing visa-free regime for Ukraine. - C. 52-56.
  16. Drobozhur R. R., Malyshev M. A. Shortcomings and suggestions on improving the legal component of crime combating mechanism in the field of ICT. - C. 57-61.
  17. Ennan R. E., Bakala A. A. Les droits sur de score de l’activite intellectuelle (les droits exclusifs): la caracteristique generale et la "nature juridique". - C. 62-65.
  18. Zadereyko О. V., Vlasenko O. V. Questions of providing information sovereignty of the states in the virtual environment the Internet and tendencies of their development in Ukraine. - C. 65-69.
  19. Izovita A. M. Criminological aspects of the research of the state of crime in the land sphere. - C. 70-73.
  20. Кibik O. М., Khaiminova J. V., Nesterova K. S. Financial preconditions for export potential development of the maritime complex of Ukraine. - C. 74-77 .
  21. Kozin O. B., Papkovskaya O. B., Kozina M. O. Coque cylindrique surbaissee avec un support rigide intermediaire sous pression externe. - C. 77-80.
  22. Kotlubay V. A., Redina I. V. Formation program for the development of export potential of Ukraine. - C. 81-84.
  23. Krusyan A. R. Basic principles of Ukrainian constitutionalism in the European dimension. - C. 84-88.
  24. Lagutina I. V. Mechanism for ensuring of the right of employee to dignity at work. - C. 88-92.
  25. Melnychuk T. V. Regional development and spatial distribution of crime in Ukraine. - C. 92-97.
  26. Mishyna N. V. Doctrine of separation of powers at the local government level: the Ukrainian experience. - C. 97-100.
  27. Murzanovska A. V. Criminal procedural responsibility in accordance with new Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine. - C. 101-104.
  28. Nekit K. G. Adaptation of the trust to civil law system. - C. 104-108.
  29. Oborotov I. G. The concept and features of legal system of canon law. - C. 108-114.
  30. Polishchuk O. M. Ukrainian criminal codeas a legal necessity and possible ways to improve its efficiency. - C. 114-116.
  31. Romanadze L. D. Challenges of innovation commercialization in the activities of higher education institutes and scientific establishments in Ukraine. - C. 117-121.
  32. Sevostianova N. I. Application to the European Counrt of Human Rights as international legal instrument for protection of Ukrainian state interest. - C. 122-126.
  33. Sydor V. D. Major tasks and principles of land legislation and law. - C. 127-130.
  34. Slobodianyk N. S. Current issues on the formation of the judiciary in Ukraine. - C. 131-135.
  35. Soldatskyi V. V. Regulative and legal influence of terms in the stage of preparative and assignment of court hearing. - C. 135-139.
  36. Sorochyshyn M. V. Legal regulation of conciliation procedures: current state and prospects for development. - C. 140-143.
  37. Stepanenko A. S. Some issues concerning the concept of a "reasonable doubt” in criminal process. - C. 144-147.
  38. Torbas O. O. Analysis of the powers of the prosecutor in article 291 of the CCP. - C. 147-150.
  39. Kharytonov E. O., Kharytonova O. I. Reception of law and law adaptation as forms of interaction of legal systems. - C. 151-154.
  40. Chekmarova L. Yu. The insurance of professional activity of advocate: experience Federal Republic of Germany. - C. 154-158.
  41. Yakovlev D. V. Choice of Ukraine: reforms vs. Perestroyka. - C. 159-167.
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